somebody stole my goodmama in the mail!
I just received the envelope that was suppose to contain my goodmama… and after communicating with the mama who I purchased it from, it appears that someone opened the package and STOLE it.

Now… honestly, I don’t think the average mailperson is interested in STEALING cloth diapers. But I guess, it could happen.


Re: somebody stole my goodmama in the mail!
the mama i purchased it from had excellent feedback (70+)

from communicating with her, when it shipped it had a piece of tape over the envelope closure, and when I got it there was no tape over the closure – also it arrived in a clear plastic USPS bag noting that the package was damaged (which it was in perfect condition, other than missing the tape…and the goodmama that was suppose to be in it) grrrrrrrrrrr i’m so sad!!!

Hmmm… someone shipped fluffy gold in a paper package, which could be torn?


Re: somebody stole my goodmama in the mail!
Originally Posted by pixilated View Post
So, it was shipped in a paper envelope? A $30+ diaper in a paper envelope?


What?!?! Please, please, before we give someone a heart attack, wrap it up ladies. Every time! Whenever you go to ship something, think about that poor Goodmama that lost its envelope. How the soft, yummy, OBV is being shuffled across some dirty mail room floor. And please, remember the heartache someone is going through, knowing their fluffy gold will never make it home.

And please keep the message in mind, despite my deep sarcasm.

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