This isn’t directed at the poster, just in general a rant about this question which I see multiple times a day.  I’m only posting the question here because I’m not trying to “jump on a newbie” or a potential wool lover, but I’ve got to rant.  Feel free to take out your frustrations with me. lol

Do Wool Covers

really stay dry and stink-free? Just wondering…I love the look of them. Just want to be sure they are practical! 🙂

Do people really think there is a cult following to stinky, wet wool? Like, if you seriously think about it, when people ask these questions, they’ve GOT to think there are moms out there with babies in this sopping wet diaper and wool and they just let them keep wearing it.  And then there’s the smell.  Like ammonia and a wet dog, that we just love. Nothing says baby fresh like wet dogs doused in ammonia.  And then we hang it to air out in our living rooms and diaper changing stations… just letting that wet dog & ammonia smell fill our house. It’s so yummy!! Isn’t it?

Seriously though, wool works.  It doesn’t get soaking wet, like cotton, or hemp, or silk would.  And it really doesn’t stink.  If you’re really wondering… go buy some Paton’s wool or Lion Brand wool.  Cut a few strings and braid them together.  stick them between your babies diaper and cover, and let it get wet.  Let it air dry and smell it.  It will still smell like wool, not stinky pee diapers.  Obviously, it’s not going to repel the water, since there’s compression and no where else for the liquid to go, but you get the idea.

So, can we move on from the “does wool really work?” questions now? Please? On hands and knees, please?

  1. Heatherly says:

    Will the same old questions/thread ever end? Nope. But we were all n00bs in the dipe world….once upon a time. I was just good at using “The Google” to get answers to my dumb questions.

  2. Em says:

    This post made me laugh. I can just see the dripping stinky wool hanging to dry. Ha, I was laughing trying not to wake my DS up. Keep the funny coming.

  3. pregodego2 says:

    same goes for CDing in general. ‘do these really work’ gets SO old SO fast. no they don’t work, ijust love having 2 wet children running around my house all day while i run behind them picking up poop pebbles and pee dribblets. i love taking them to the store with their pants soaking through. it smells good, looks good and is so squishy! :o)

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