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Please Read RE: Openly Outing/bashing people PLACES TO LEAVE FB HERE!

Diaper chatter is yet again over run with Bashing of WAHMs and it is, same as always, not acceptable. I’m sorry mamas, there is NO way to review both sides of the story in a thread like the ones that have been popping up and they can ruin a business…some mamas way to make a living. We have never allowed these types of threads on DS. We are now applying this rule to ANY business that is outed. If you post the business name the thread will be deleted.You can post in the trans and FB forum for questions on how to handle a situation but you are not allowed to post WHO the other person is. If their is any indication that people are being pm’d to out the person, the thread will be trashed and warnings will be given.DS has a WAHM Feedback forum that everyone is welcome to use to report problems with any company. And a Report a B/S/T issue forum for transaction issues. If everyone would take advantage of these features we could make the world of diaper shopping even saferFeel Free to post here with other places to leave feedback and I will link them in this original post.Breakdown of places to leave FB:WAHM Feedback
Report a B/S/T issue(for DS FSOT issues) If you need immediate help please PM a member of the MOD team
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This is what I really want to focus on: “We are now applying this rule to ANY business that is outed. If you post the business name the thread will be deleted.

I totally think that rule sucks, BUT if it is going to be a rule, then all the threads need to be monitored for it.

I mean if you are going to set a rule, follow it! I can list threads that have started in the last few hours bashing at least 4 wahms, 3 diaper companies, 2 different money acceptance companies and more.

Now, as you have figured out, we here at The Drama of Diaper Swappers have no problem complaining about a WAHM or company, and we think that you are entitled to do so, but isn’t this prejudice just a little over the top?

Are we really allowing Scammers to have run of the board at DS, are their rights more important than the rights of the first time mom wanting to spend her hard earned/saved money? Doesn’t she have a right to know that she could be scammed and who has done it in the past?

Make the rules fair. If you are going to implement rules, follow through, don’t allow some and not others. It needs to be fair across the board. But I really do feel like this rule is unfair to all the mamas who are putting their trust in DS FSOT and WAHM boards.

  1. Kelly (and Padawan) says:

    At least they are saying there will be consistency. I never understood why you could have 4 pages bashing fuzzibunz or Swaddlebees but dont you DARE say a WAHM has crappy customer service!! At least there are places like this now, where people can find out who to avoid doing business with:

  2. JV says:

    It feels very much like they are protecting the scammers and not looking out for their members.

  3. Kari says:

    Well, perhaps people will feel a bit more compelled to leave fb. Seems it has always been easier to start a thread that will eventually get buried but everyone remembers, than it has been to actually leave fb. How difficult is it it just LEAVE FB. 9 times out of 10 on those damn threads the OP has not left fb and if they have it is confusing as heck. I know it sucks, but if you can be mad enough to leave a thread, be mad enough to leave fb, and leave it everywhere.

  4. Oooh, look… we have another scammer site now. And, although they do look like us, it is not affiliated with us in any way. 🙂


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