Have things on DS gotten completely slow this evening? I have been scouring the site with nothing to post.

Tell you what ladies, comment a link to us, and we will write a blog on it. We will not post who sent us the link unless you request us to.

And if you are feeling REALLY randy, write a blog post and comment it to us. We will give you full credit!

  1. lydiajw says:

    it is Saturday night, afterall. There are husbands to attend to, LOL!

  2. Raven says:

    I’m out cultivating snark, corrupting minors, and sowing the seeds of dissolution. You know, just another Saturday night.

    DS is so… tame.

  3. Giggle says:

    Just lil ol me….. almost time to go do my wifely duties…. course we’ll be careful, wouldn’t want to contribute to the mass overpopulation! 😛 LOL

  4. ~sarah~ says:

    Sorry, I haven’t anything interesting to say tonight 😦

  5. Well, I guess the blog was eye opening. People are being surprisingly nice the last day or so. That’s a good thing! Doesn’t help that it takes 10 minutes for a page to load for me though.

  6. Finally! says:

    Someone dragged this thread up:


    And then there’s this thread:


    I’m lookin’ for more!

  7. Damn night waking. Yesterday’s Laura crap made me feel bad for her, and I wasn’t up to blogging tonight… so we went out for drinks. Left the kids with with my sister. Fast forward a few hours, we get home, jump in bed, and what do you know… the kids are up. That was nice.

    Anyway, thanks for the links. For those wondering, I rarely post in threads that I blog about, and I only posted once in the thread you speak of. 😉

    Need caffeine, I’m looking for more drama.

  8. OK, I admit. I wasn’t being truthful. I just wanted to see how many people would actually come here after I said I posted once, trying to figure me out.

    I haven’t posted at all in that thread, so please don’t accuse anyone, mkay? Thanks for the submissions, got some new stuff, coming later.

  9. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    I can honestly say that I have not posted in that thread either :O)

    Thank you all for the submissions, and there are some that we are keeping private.

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