Stupidity – the chain letter/ email/ myspace bulletin/ word of mouth that’s been going around saying he’s not fit to be president because of false data on him being Muslim etc.

Obama – a presidential candidate that has a strong backing and could possibly win the election.

Now that we’ve cleared this up, someone the other day, was so gracious to post this stupidity on DS and then, got MAD because it was false and people called her out on it.

ProudHooahWife 02-08-2008 10:18 PM
Obama Info

Please deleate this thread because APPARENTLY the ONLY a FEW can post about elections etc, I KNOW this is a HEATED area but NOT everyone has the same opinion and regardless his Dad was MUSLIM and to ME that matters. NONE has to SHARE my opinion or VOTE the way I do but to post that people shouldn’t sell to me on here because of THIS is not only rude but childish and VERY UNCALLED for. There are MANY times threads get deleated for someone having an opinion or for instance posting about a WAHM on the diaper thread. I posted on there a few weeks ago and it got deleated with a PM saying we had to deleate because it goes against policy to say anything about a WAHM even if it is someone who has meesed over MANY. Then just about a week or 2 later a thread was started saying basically the SAME thing I did and it ended up being PAGES long and didn’t get deleated. The last I checked it was still not deleated but that is cool. I am at a place where I honestly don’t NEED a diaper support forum and I can see why MANY end up leaving and how someone new can totally be turned off from this sort of thing. I LOVE DS and have loved being here but this is so uncalled for. For the Mommas that responded and were polite even if you DIDN’t AGREE THANK YOU.

MODS please deleate this thread.

ProudHooahWife 02-09-2008 07:54 AM
Re: Obama Info

I have read the SAME thing in many other sources. I have also heard it on the news. I would dig for links but apparently there is no point defending myself here, nor should I have to when I have read many threads that ARE false posted here and they haven’t gotten told noone should sell to them and then I am told to get real? YOu have got to be kidding me. Don’t worry because I won’t be buying!!!

ProudHooahWife 02-09-2008 08:11 AM
Re: Obama Info

Originally Posted by Kathryn (Post 2734976)
Even if he WAS Muslim, wtf does it matter? Are you actually so racist that you can’t see the difference between Muslims and the horrible people that hijacked those planes? I seriously hope that all the Mulsim mama’s on here have crossed you off their ‘sell to’ list. Just ridiculous.

I also hope that they cross YOU off since I did NOT say anything rude to YOU I would hope you would show me the same respect. Maybe him being Muslim wouldn’t matter to you and that is GREAT but it does to me and I am sure it does to others. AND NO I am not against Muslims as a whole. Who I vote for and why is my right. Just the same as Muslims might vote against everyone else and vote for Obama because of this, however that is THEIR right!!!

ProudHooahWife 02-09-2008 08:47 AM
Re: Obama Info

Originally Posted by lilypop’smom (Post 2736245)
Thank you for that. I have been so disappointed with the American mentality lately. I know it’s not everyone, but it seems to be a surprisingly large part of the population. A friend’s dh was talking to a co-worker that he considered a friend about voting on Tuesday. The “friend’s” comment was, “Are you kidding? I’m not voting for that n-word!” 😥 So around here (AR), religious prejudice (even if it’s based on falsehoods) isn’t the only thing coming Obama’s way. There’s plenty of good old fashioned racism too.

His race has NOTHING to do with it.

I also want to add that I am not getting defensive about being told the email was false. If it is then it is and that is cool BUT I do have a right to why I feel the way I do and why I would not vote for a Muslim. It offends me the people who are for abortion, but I haven’t told people they shouldn’t buy from them. That is just a thought. If people wanted to post links and say hey That email is false so be it, thank you!!! IF it really truely is false, which I think there is at least some truth to it. It is the ATTITUDE that offends me and the one momma that says people should cross me off their sell to list. I mean SERIOUSLY. So I shouldn’t sell to Muslims because I don’t believe the way they do, nor shouldn’t I sell to people who are for abortion, or ….the list could go on and on. THAT is what offended me. That to me is VERY one sided. Most liberals say that we conservatives should be more open minded but honestly how open minded lately have the liberals been about these posts? That is just another though. Everyone can believe, think, vote and worship how they chose here in America. I might not personally agree with it or think it is right but that is their right. However on this board the attitude on this board is terrible. I have seen MANY posts lately where others have pointed out how bad peoples attitudes to posters are. I am not going to continue a back and forth about this on here. I asked the MODS if they ever appear to deleate this thread so that I am not contributing to any drama. With that said, I am done. You all can post away and say what you want about me, I really don’t care.

ProudHooahWife 02-09-2008 10:27 AM
Re: Obama Info

Originally Posted by Proverbs169 (Post 2736578)
First, we don’t delete threads just because someone asks us to. We would hope that when someone posts something, they will take responsibility for their words. Which means, think twice before posting something that might not be correct. :thumbsup:

Also, we aren’t on 24 hours a day. I am following this thread, and there is always the chance that it will be locked or deleted if it gets any nastier. Personally right now I won’t be doing either.

You said before you were done with the thread. Perhaps you should be. Or, at least, apologize for posting misinformation and move on. :2cents:

I will not aplogize for what I posted because I do believe there is some truth to it as I have saw this very thing on the news etc and NOT JUST ON FOX. I do take responsibility for what I posted, however the attitude of other posters IMO is very uncalled for. If they want to say they find it wrong so be it, if they want to post their opinion so be it, that is FINE. However, there are some responses that are totally uncalled for. Your right I did say before I was done with this. I should let it go and move on.

As for being busted makes people defensive, I am not defensive about ANYTHING other then peopls poor attitudes. whatever…to each his own.

So, posting something this ridiculous can actually be defended? As just another opinion and reason that someone shouldn’t vote for Obama? Bigotry has never been flattering on anyone. And, as a mod already said, this isn’t just going to go bye bye because you realize no one is with you on this one. Sorry, but no one is being mean or nasty, it is our right to not buy or sell to you because you have shown a side of you that is unbecoming to a Christian and DS Mama. And, nice siggy, BTW! “God is Love”

For people that can’t figure out how to do their own research, just click on ravenonyx’s link:

ravenonyx 02-09-2008 10:38 AM
Re: Obama Info

Proud – I think you could do with a little less pride and a lot more humility, frankly.

This information IS wrong. If your basis in continuing to believe it is “I saw it on TV”, well, I hope you’re aware that not everything on TV is real.

Here are 753,000 (yes, SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY THREE THOUSAND) matches regarding this email and the vast majority of those are debunking it:…q=obama+muslim

In other words, it’s wrong, and you look awfully asinine continuing to believe it.

In conclusion, don’t be stupid and pass on something that has been so clearly refuted, without doing a little research. 😉 It’s obvious that this has started because he has such a strong chance of becoming President. And, if people don’t want him there, they have to find a way to make people fear him and dislike him. THIS was their method. And, if you fall for it without doing any research, you are doing a great disservice to yourself by choosing to remain uninformed.

  1. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    wow, does she (ProudHooahWife) wear her ass-hat much? Religion should hold no place in politics.. That was the reason for the separation of church and state.

    And by the way, this might be a big secret.. ALL MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS. There are more Catholic terrorists in the world than Muslim. (Look at Ireland).

    and BTW, while she does appear racist, the correct word would be BIGOT.

  2. DS Drama Mama says:

    Wow, it got deleted. People need to know that this is bigotry and wrong. It should not have been deleted at the request of the OP. She shouldn’t have posted it, and deserved for everyone to see just how she felt, so they could decided for themselves if they want to do business with her.

  3. Kelly (and Padawan) says:

    I am more and more annoyed by these types of email forwards. What is wrong w/ Americans lately that they just blindly follow anything w/o researching for themselves. How sad!!!!! IMO you need to take absolute personal responsibility when you email people with information, esp progpagandist info, boycott info, etc. You need to be sure you aren’t blindly passing along incorrect information like a well trained lab rat. Make sure its true! Research it! If you CARE soooo much, you’d think one would say to him/herself, “Wow! this is very interesting! I must learn more. Off to research!” Alas, people just ignorantly foward it on to their entire contacts list and, if their friends and family are also as like minded as the sender, continue to pass on this misinformation.

    I guess I’m the bitch who replies to all w/ the snopes link and telling people that the information X sent to them was 100% incorrect. Maybe that’s why no one forwards this crap to me anymore.

  4. Kim says:

    It was deleted….SHOCKING. lol

  5. JV says:

    So….ER isnt real?


  6. DS Drama Mama says:

    Oh JV, please tell me you’re joking! How can ER NOT be real! Oh, the insanity!

  7. Oh man! How did I MISS this? I musta been too busy fuming after reading the “Can you be a TRUE Christian and vote Democrat?” thread.

    This woman is just sad. It’s hard to even be angry with someone that stupid. But it’s not impossible. 🙂

  8. JV says:

    Life as I know it will cease to be as sweet if ER is not real.

    Hold. Me.

  9. Rigg says:

    This is an interesting time to be watching politics. I think many of Obama’s people are stuck in the 60s. I remember being all ga ga eyed as a youth and falling for every “new” candidates “new” line. There is nothing new here except for gender and race. Unfortunately the two new “types” of politicians have old ideas. I have a great post on this subject at:
    Check it out and leave me a message telling me what you think.


  10. Heatherly says:

    People still watch ER? Now *that* deserves a blog post! :O


  11. Giggle says:

    Please refer to my comment stating that the lack of educated individuals will ultimately be the true nemesis of the US.

  12. JV says:

    That cut me real deep, Heatherly.

    Real deep.

    erm….did I say ER? Ermm….I meant Scrubs…yeah! Scrubs!

  13. Yeah, what she said. I was talking about Grey’s Anatomy!

  14. Laura says:

    I had this thread deleted NOT because of the drama on the board but for another personal reason ( you can think whatever you want but I discussed this with an ADMIN). Thank you for taking my words and using them here. I think that if this remains up I will be making a phone call to my attorney on Monday and yes I have one. If I post something, then it is MY words. But when you copy and paste something and edit it (not all the posts are there) then you are SLANDERING me. This is against the law. I have copied this link and will be speaking to my attorney. If ANYTHING further is said about me or against me on here in a negative way, I will have my attorney to go forward with whatever action it takes.

  15. JV says:

    She used your words, unmodified and you are going to threaten her with legal action?


  16. theboardbitch says:

    I agree with JV, they were your words, unedited, I think your laywer is gonna laugh in your face, or tell you that you have a case… take your money so that Judge can laugh in your face.

  17. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Laura, I am sorry that you are unhappy that you posted something that you feel shouldn’t have been said. You really made yourself look like a bigot.

    You did post it. The comments were not edited. Because the thread was deleted we are unable to find/post all responses to the thread, but your original response is in its complete glory.

    We have not slandered you. You are welcome to speak to a lawyer about this, but please be sure you understand the term slander before throwing it around.

    I am allowed to have an opinion on what you said in a PUBLIC forum. So were the other mamas who replied in the thread on DS. There is not any slander b/c there are no lies.

    Thanks for the warning and the comment though! Have a great weekend mama!

  18. Laura says:

    You DO have a right to YOUR opinion. But your not using YOUR opinion. Your using MY words and MY opinion. But that is cool. Maybe YOU should talk to an attorney before you go posting about everyone. I have contacted the ADMIN of diaper swappers too. I sent them the link because this also affects them as it uses their name, and MANY other good mommas on there.

  19. JV says:

    The ADMIN, eh?

    Must be a nice thing to be an ADMIN.

  20. Laura,

    I hadn’t even paid attention to you being a military wife until you became so upset at your very own words being quoted on my blog. I was once married to a military man and could never have said what you said on a public forum, and we both know why. If it comes down to a court case, I have no problem “outing” myself and providing both screen shots and any testimony available from those who saw exactly what you wrote.

    You SHOULD have just asked that your name be taken out of this post. I would have had no problem with that. But, your libel against me, (and the libel you spread about the possible future Commander in Chief), can get YOU in serious trouble. So, maybe next time you should act like an adult instead of drawing more attention to yourself. And stop posting and defending an obviously false chain letter.

  21. theboardbitch says:

    Am I the only one that believes that in Laura’s mind ADMIN equals GOD?

  22. And thank you for verifying those are YOUR words and YOUR opinions. Take that to your lawyer as well. 😉

  23. lysol says:

    theboardbitch… ADMIN is LOVE :goodvibes:

  24. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Laura, are you under the impression that DS is a private board? It isn’t. It is PUBLIC. We are not taking your words and claiming them as our own. They are yours. We are simply giving you and the site credit for them. This is all that is required for copying and pasting from a chat group. Please take a look at what is required for citing posts from a public chat forum or group.

    Your screen name is who you are on DS. You are the author and we gave you credit for your words.

    Also, it’s nice to see that you are posting this on DS as well. That is just bringing more attention to this post. Also, you admit they are your words.. I don’t see the issue?

    Again, thanks for the post :O)

  25. JV says:

    Pass the Jr. Mints.
    This is shaping up to be one helluva night.

  26. lydiajw says:

    um as the offspring of lawyers (and a long line of lawyers at that)…no one would touch that case. Its positively ludicrous. Its like posting a video of yourself on youtube doing something dirty and then acting shocked when its copied and pasted all over the internet. Unpleasant, sure…but really, come on.

  27. theboardbitch says:

    I have kettlekorn…

  28. Laura says:

    So your saying that I could get myself in trouble because I do not like Obama, but yet everyone can say what they want about Bush, McCain etc? So everything that EVERYONE says against Bush is the absolute gospel truth???? What is against the law is saying your going to KILL a Commander in Chief. NOT saying that you don’t like them. And apparently this email has went around enough that MANY have gotten it, are they all going to get in trouble? Is everyone that says nasty things about Bush or things that aren’t true going to get in trouble? When I posted that email, I did think it was 100% accurate. I DO think there is truth to it and I took that email OUT of my post as soon as the drama started. What I had a problem with on DS was the attitude. The thread was deleted and now the drama just goes on and on and on and on. I also did NOTHING wrong with what I posted as far as being a military wife. I see you say you WERE married to someone in the military, not that you are. I violated NOTHING. I am entitled to my opinion and feelings on the presidential nominees just the same as anyone and there is nothing I did that was wrong.

    I am asking you now to take my user name OUT of your post. I am also asking you to take my real name out of these comments. I didn’t know I could make up a name when I did it.

    You tell me I should act as an adult, so speading more and more drama is being an adult?

  29. theboardbitch says:

    As a military wife (and I have been one, so I know) you have to be very careful of what you post publicly. You SHOULD know that .

  30. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Laura, we cannot edit your name from your posts. Sorry.

    You are the author and we will not be accused of editing your posts or replies. You might have thought twice before posting.

    Your username on DS is public. It is used as a source of citation of the author/writer of the post.

    Again, have a great weekend. :goodvibes:

  31. I also do not know how to change your WordPress username. Sorry.

  32. Heatherly says:

    Nothing *illegal* has occurred here…..sorry to tell you Laura.

    Well, maybe the “ER love”……..that might be illegal.

  33. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    “ER love” LOL! Heatherly, you are truly one of the funniest posters yet! LOL!

    Keep coming back!!!

  34. Raven says:

    Yo Laura, I guess you haven’t learned yet that on the internet it’s really hard to go tattletale to Mommy. What, exactly, do you think the admin of DS is going to do about a totally different site that they don’t own and have zilch to do with? Zilch. And a lawyer? That is always teh funny.

    Mommy is dead. There is no Mommy. There are only your Google Overlords.

    Deal with it.

  35. theboardbitch says:

    Raven, I think I love you! Wanna see my bewbies?

  36. sbolen says:

    Now come on, you really didn’t know that you could make up a name and not use your real one? This isn’t the bank for Allah’s (Peace unto him) sake, its the internet.
    P.S. Love your name theboardbitch.

  37. theboardbitch says:

    Thanks Sbolen, I got Called that enough that I figured I ought to just own up to it.

  38. SMKelley says:


    He is totally hawt! Those purple tinted lips?? SEXAY.


    Obama may be my boyfriend but so long as General Schmuckabee doesn’t win, I’m a happy camper.

    Happy voting to all!

  39. Heather says:

    Laura, you don’t have a leg to stand on. Threatening legal action makes you look petty and ignorant. Almost as ignorant, in fact, as posting blatantly false information about Barack Obama on a public board without doing any research into the validity of said information.

  40. jedeelenae says:

    I said it in that thread, I’ll say it again, this is ignorant.

    Go Obama!!

  41. Marie says:

    It hurts my eyes/ears when EVERY other WORD is EMPHASIZED to GET a POINT across.

    I, personally, think it’s really spineless to ask for a thread to be deleted because it’s not going your way. Be a grown up, and own your words. I sit in disbelief and shock that you’d not vote for a candidate because of their ethnicity. Yeah, way to be an informed voter.

    And, oh, how I wish to be a fly in the phone when Laura calls her lawyer and states she’d like to pursue legal action against an anonymous blogger.

    What’s a Hooah anyway?

  42. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Marie, a Hooah is an Army term.. the noise that you hear them yell when they are in agreement or answering someone in the affirmative, or just “revved” up. I tried to apply to the Army once..

    In other words, she is an army wife or military wife who doesn’t like Muslims. :thunmbsup:

  43. Kelly (and Padawan) says:

    ProudHooahWife you said ” What is against the law is saying your going to KILL a Commander in Chief”. My husband is in the military- he pretty much said its a federal offense to even threaten the president’s life. So, yes, its very very very against the law. My husband would be horrified if he saw me writing things like that. There are things online that set of triggers for the CIA to investiagate your or at least check out what you are doing- thsi is way before the Patriot Act, but now its even more prevalent. I’d hate to see your husband’s career ruined b/c of what you said on a cloth diapering message board. You need to check yourself, madam.

  44. Kelly (and Padawan) says:

    Oh I stand corrected – you wre saying that it IS illegal to threaten his life- you already knew that one.Its the other stuff you were asking about. I do apologize. I had trouble reading the posts and following.
    Carry on w/ the hating.

  45. sbolen says:

    I totally missed the part where she threatened Obama’s life. DOH! Is that why it was deleted?

  46. Kelly (and Padawan) says:

    You know, I got this email from Bill Gates! He says that if I forward the email to 20 people I’ll get hundreds of dollars in the mail! I mean, I never bothered to see if it was real. I just assumed it was b/c you know, no one would ever send me something that wasn’t real, right? I sent the email on to everyone I could possibly think of! I really want that money to buy some new diapers. I also got an email about some bridge in florida someone wants to sell to me dirt cheap. I’ve always wanted my own bridge.

  47. theboardbitch says:

    Kelly (and Padawan)
    I think I love you. you have made me laugh so hard today…

    Wanna see my bewbies?

  48. Kelly (and Padawan) says:

    Sure! I’m always up for some bewbs 🙂

  49. sbolen,

    She did not threaten his life. She just said that would be illegal.

    And who is showing boobs? Let’s keep it clean hear ladies. This ain’t Mardi Gras, and you ain’t getting beads.

  50. Yes We Can. says:

    Coming out of lurkdom for this one…

    Laura, your disapproval of Obama on the basis of his being (as you believe) Muslim makes me sick. As a Republican you make me want to go vote for him just to cancel out your “opinion” at the polls. If you want to form a mature opinion about Obama or any other candidate, educate yourself about where they stand on issues important to you. You sound like an uneducated child forming an opinion on the basis of an email. You make the Army and other military branches look bad, and (as a veteran) that pisses me off. No wonder so many people think that people join the military because they weren’t smart enough to do anything else. Saying you don’t like Obama because he is Muslim WILL get you and your dh in trouble. Ever heard of ZERO TOLERANCE?

  51. Trojane says:


    To help build your slander case, you can tell your lawyer I think you’re an idiot.

  52. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Just wanted to let you all know, no one sent us any lawsuit papers today 😉 Nor were we contacted by any one else about a law suit.

    I think she might have realized how dumb she looked after your wonderful thread on DS! (And after reading here)

  53. Lisa Marie says:

    I posted this on DS, so I thought I might as well put it here:

    I have taken a few law classes in college on “journalism law” which encompasses mostly Libel and Slander.

    If the person gives a source and it is an exact quote, misrepresented or not, then it is legal. People can infer what they want from what you say, there is nothing illegal about that. If there were, every journalism and English major in the world wold be in jail; and so would most scientists and doctors! They all interpret things the way that suits them best.

    I’m not bashing the mama that was quoted, I missed the thread, but after reading the posts on the blog, the mom who posted those things about Obama (PHW) could be held responsible for slandering him That is much more of a possibility than the people running the blog getting in trouble for taking a direct quote

    Good luck getting a lawyer to take your case and not just your money!

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