A mama was selling something that I was interested in. It was a big ticket type set and the mama was looking for paypal. I posted that I thought the item was ADORABLE and that I wish I had the paypal for it and something along the lines of unless she would wait until I got my tax refund I can’t swing it at the moment.

Said mama then PMs me that she would hold it for me. I pmed back saying that I wasn’t sure when exactly I would be able to get enough funded paypal (I ONLY used funded for my dipe addiction, keeps me grounded)

She then replies with:

“lol, well, sounds like you should keep your tax return and maybe pay some bills or something”

I was like WERD. Kinda wanted to say something rude back but didn’t. I was offended by that comment.

Dude, can you say totally out of line? That was really low, lame, tacky, rude, and completely out of line. It’s too bad she didn’t say who it was. Couldn’t she have just said, “sorry, we’ll see if it’s still around when you get your tax return?”

  1. Kim says:

    Well, the mama, PMed me and was really upset that I posted in the transaction forum about this. lol I got a song and dance about her being young and her back ground yada yada yada. lol. oye. I made it to the DS Drama blog. hahahaaha

  2. Lisa J says:

    In the words of Jillybean…


    Wow. The NERVE of people is RIGHT! Especially a WAHM.

    You know we’re all a paycheck from being on the streets anyway, so I say we blow our tax returns anyway we want them!

    I know I’m going to buy some WAHM stuff and some FSOT, so I’ll be getting with you to find out who NOT to spend my tax return with!!

    You’d think that at this time of the year anyone who wants to sell anything would be extra specially nice to everyone! After all… we are all getting lots of money to spend, right?

    Pft. Pft. and Pfffffffft.

  3. Lin says:

    “You’d think that at this time of year anyone who wants to sell anything would be extra specially nice to everyone!”

    Totally agree with that. If you want someone’s business, you play nice. And what was said was definitely… well, at the risk of sounding utterly lame – not nice. Shoot, even I was bargaining with some people to hold stuff until I got my return – and they didn’t say mean things!

  4. Mary says:

    ugh, ugh, ugh!!! rude people suck and she was downright rude!!!! who gives a rats rear about how “young” she is and her “back ground”?!?!? that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what she said to you!!!!! if only she knew your last name, ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  5. Jules says:

    Those are the type of people that make me truely hate DS. Sounds like you are the one who knows how to handle your money and whose business is it of hers how you do spend it. If she didn’t want to hold it she didn’t have to. DUH

    BTW I dont know how I have never seen this place but I am sure I will have lots of comments to make after this.

  6. Kate says:

    Wow I guess she must have have a problem between her brain and her fingers to type that out and not think it would offend.
    Who cares how someone spends there money. If they want to buy something from me more power to them. I abide by the ‘you give me the moola and I;ll send you the goods”; end of story. No comments from the peanut gallery necessary for a transaction to take place.

  7. Darcy says:

    Some people never cease to amaze me. I believe I’d be adding her to my do not b/s/t list fo sho!

  8. Kim says:

    LOL Mary, if only she knew…..hahahhaha

  9. Lisa J says:

    Mary, I was kinda thinking the same thing.. Scares me just to send her a package!

    Do you REALLY know who you’re dealing with no-so-nice-ds-mama?

  10. Kim says:


  11. says:

    Compost isn’t the only thing buried in your back yard, eh Kim?


  12. Kim says:

    lol Lisa….hahahaha

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