So, how many threads do we have to have on RME???

First, someone starts a thread about it. Wants to get her “fair” amount for finding the site. $500 worth of $10 referrals. Woe is me, only 17 signed up under me thus far. I only have $195 in free money. Wah wah wah.

Then, everyone wants a referral. And, people are posting their email getting multiple responses before their screen refreshes. Now, everyone is looking for referrals. Seems like there are at least 3-4 new referral threads starting up and clogging up the board.

Time for DS to get an RME forum.

If you don’t know what RME is… good! And if you’re wanting to give someone credit for your referral.. try giving it to someone without the sob story, and that’s NOT spamming the board. I’ve seen it in quite a few signatures… let the threads die!


See what I mean? RME, causing trouble for CrystalCuti. (and she’s always so nice)


I wish RME never EXSISTED =[ HWYF
Well 2 nights ago when all this RME started I was eager to spend my free $25 so I asked a few mamas who had things I needed if they took it and most wanted more info so I gave it to them (I do realize that you can get banned for this but at the time I had no idea) Anyways 3 mamas signed up under my referral and I was so happy because i was getting their items and it worked out very well that way. Well i’ve had a lot on my mind and I have been on here but I totally forgot to check my messages or pay the mamas (my childhood doggie Brandy who lived with my mom passed on) So my mind has been everywhere and yes i’ve been on here because you mamas always help me feel better. This morning I was going through my messages that I has missed and 1 mama was very upset thinking that i used her for the $10 referral money (so not the case) And she said that she reported me to the mods. and after reading that if a mama forwards the message to the mods its considered spam , s I might be getting banned now I’m so upset and I feel horrible I wish RME never exisited.

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