I started out feeling sorry for this lady, but man, things just started on a downward spiral and got absolutely horrible! I’ve followed this, but never got involved. To think, I would have sent my money and probably let my paypal dispute time expire because of feeling bad for this lady.

Anyway, did you know she’s coming back?!?!? Yikes. I’m scared of this being another scam. The site said under new management, with new knitters, but come on! Who takes over a place like that? It’s like buying Enron, or naming your kid O.J. Simpson! It’s not a good idea.

My advice, STAY AWAY, STAY FAR, FAR AWAY. Yes, eventually refunds were given. Yarn was returned, etc. But this has been a long process and anyone who was involved with this will tell you the same.

  1. Annie Nonymous says:

    Watch your back. Your blog is on the discussion table.

    You have a good thing going here. Keep it up!

  2. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Thanks mama! Not sure why we are on the discussion table though, it is perfectly legal to post what we are posting as long as we give the author/site credit….

    What is public on DS is public here. Nothing private is posted.

    Web discussion forum posting

    To document a posting to a Web discussion forum, provide the following information:

    * Author’s name
    * Title of posting
    * Phrase online posting
    * Date of posting
    * Name of forum
    * Date of access
    * URL,

    Colleen. “Climbing Questions.” Online posting. 20 Mar. 1999. Climbing Forum. 27 May 1999 .

    Marcy, Bob. “Think They’ll Find Any Evidence of Mallory & Irvine?” Online posting. 30 Apr. 1999. Mt. Everest >99 Forum. 28 May 1999

  3. Annie Nonymous says:

    Some people are morons.

    Like the blog. Will follow with interest.

  4. Jane Doe says:

    Love the blog!! Been addicted to it since I found it. Will second “people are morons”
    There’s some discussion about your blog.
    Thanks for the warning about PHK

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