In reference to being mentioned in your lovely bash WW and everyone else thread:

This blog is seriously, not that serious.

It is a reflection on a place that I like to frequent and chat, sometimes.

I do not doctor or alter what people have said.

I do not try to put someone down, or make them feel bad.

I do not call people names or tell them to get a life, as some have tried to comment.

However, if I see something drama worthy, I might post it. Many have asked why… and where do I find the time to do it. Well, I’m a SAHM with some kiddos, and I sometimes have nothing to do… so instead of mindlessly wandering around diaperswappers and countless other forums, I blog. The same way you have time to write nasty little comments on here, the same way you manage to get onto DS or any other forum you belong to and chat for hours. I spend a few minutes every once in a while…. this is not my life, nor is it my job.

And, since I actually haven’t posted anything in a while, I guess now would be a good time to get searching for more DS drama, right? Woo hooo, go me!

And, really, if you don’t like my blog…. feel free to open a WordPress account and make a blog about it. I won’t bash you for bashing my site… really, I won’t.

Thank you so much for spreading the word.

  1. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    I too am a SAHM. And believe it or not I can find time to post and read and even, gasp, think about and chat about what is going on in those posts and on those boards.

    I also wanted to thank everyone for the attention that you have brought to our little blog!

  2. Bill Bartmann Scam says:

    Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂

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