Even though they pulled it, I want to show everyone just how callous it can be there. Yes, people were actually voting on what they thought Britney Spears would do next… and one option was actually suicide. Suicide is not a joking thing, it is not something you casually discuss like it’s someone running to the store. It is not entertainment, and the flippant attitude by some at DS is dispicable!

View Poll Results: what do you think britney spears will do when she gets released from the hospital?
hibernate at home   2 4.44%
commit suicide 13 28.89%
go out and party   28 62.22%
other   3 6.67%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 45. You may not vote on this poll


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S/O Britney Spears *poll*

what do you think britney will do when she gets out of the hosp?


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Re: S/O Britney Spears *poll*

I think she is an A-Type personality. She loves herself too much to actually commit suicide.I think if she did *try* to commit suicide, she is trying to get attention OR CRY for help. But i think she will go out and party. I think she in incapable to sit at home and hibernate. I think she gets too stir crazy alone at home, she fills that hole with party, drinking and drug IMHO
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Re: S/O Britney Spears *poll*

I just feel sorry for her and her babies. Afterall.. we are all mothers and I know I would probably ‘lose it’ if my babies were taken away. {Not saying she didn’t deserve it for some of the stupid things she has done}. I just wish that she would realize that if she stopped doing stupid things, partying, etc then she would probably get custody back. I think she may have some emotional problems due to losing the man she married, fathered her kids and thought really loved her. It had to be hard finding out that he didn’t then he fought for her babies. Hopefully she will have to stay in there for awhile and get some help that I think she obviously needs. It was just horrible hearing about her going back to making a video and then having everyone make comments on her body. I don’t know of anyone who has had a baby and looks exactly the same. Our bodies change… that is what make us ‘women”. JMO.
Anyway.. I think if she doesn’t get help that she will probably try to commit suicide. I was just saying that to DH when we watched her being taken away. She looks ‘off’ and I think instead of everyone talking her down… she needs someone to tell her that she is worth something even though she may ‘look’ different, have made mistakes, etc. She needs to know that she can clean up and still be a positive in her sons’ lives. No matter what a parent does, a child always loves them.


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Re: S/O Britney Spears *poll*

This poll makes me sad ladies, I mean I’m usually a “if you can’t say anything nice kinda gal” but I was honestly taken aback when I saw it. I know she’s a celeb and everything but having a poll about whether or not another mama might kill themselves is really disheartening to see.


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Re: S/O Britney Spears *poll*

I think the suicide part wasn’t meant to be mean, but really a worry. I think she may and it is because I think there are so many neg. things said about her day in and day out then she lost custody of her kids. Now she knows they are perm. gone or atleast until further notice. I FEAR for her.
I seriously hope that she doesn’t and if she is thinking about it that she gets help so she doesn’t do it.
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Re: S/O Britney Spears *poll*

I really dont think she would kill herself. Maybe try again but wont be able to go all the way. I do hope the doctors give her some meds to help stable her. She really needs to clean up her act for herself and her sons.I personally think she will go out and party some more. You know get back in the swings of things with her friends.

So, for the most part everyone is on there that said something relevant. It’s sad, it truly is. I hope people enjoyed their poll, and I hope they enjoyed contemplating their entertainment committing suicide. Let’s not forget that this is another life. Another mother’s daughter, another child’s mother…
  1. Ashley says:

    Just curious- are you a member of DS? There hasn’t been as much drama lately, but keep your site up, I like your comments. lol

  2. goofycutemom says:

    are you kidding me you dont have anything better to do than bash another website – please grow up – just because one member started a poll does NOT mean that it is the okay with all members or even most members – everyone gossips – and you are gossiping by making fun of DS – please leave us alone

  3. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Hi Ashley~ Did you know that you don’t have to be a member of DS in order to read there? Thanks for the support and keep reading for more updates!

  4. DS Drama Mama 2 says:


    sorry that you are having a bad day! I wouldn’t get so offended at our posts, they really are just our opinions. If you don’t like them, please feel free to ignore our blog! We are just putting information out there.

    I feel that this poll about Britney was in very poor taste, and a low for the members involved in it. It was a really long thread too, so more than just a few mamas posted to it.

    With only 37 posts over at DS I really doubt many of the moms there feel that you are one of the “us” group. So please, if you are going to defend something, make sure you have been around it long enough to know what it is all about. DS isn’t all ducks and bunnies :O)

    Nice to know we made your site there :o) Pot, meet kettle

    Have a great day!

  5. Jennifer (ferrferr) says:

    I’m the one who helped get that pulled because I thought it was the most disgusting post I’d seen thus far on DS. It’s also a solid reason as to why I don’t think I’ll visit there much anymore. I don’t want to hang with people who think that the idea someone killing themselves is a funny little joke. Clearly they haven’t had to know the pain of a loved one attempting or succeeding at committing suicide. I hope they never do either.

  6. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Jennifer, Thank you for working to get that blog pulled! Suicide is a very real and horrific thing. Those women making fun/light of it were disgusting.


  7. onlygirl says:

    just wondering, how come its ok to pull or delete one thread and not others. i have never seen a board where so much gets pulled or deleted.

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