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feedback advice please??? PICTURES ADDED FOR BAD PRODUCT!!!!

I got a red wool soaker off fsot and in the picture it looked great and since I’ve ordered recycled wool products before I thought nothing of it and the price was right 8$ppd. So anyway I paid for it and it came today and it is discusting!!! I mean there are 3 holes in it. the whole inside has been sewn on with white thread and all the lose threads are just hanging there. The crotch isn’t centered…..I mean with the middle seam to the one leg there is about 1 inch and from middle seam to other leg there is 2 inches… it is completely crooked……I don’t need larges for awhile so I can’t even say whether or not it is functional but looks wise it is very disapointing and I’m scared when I wash it that it may fall apart!!! The thing is the seller had no description of it other than size and color and I never asked so technically it was not misrepresented but IMO it never should have been sold!!! so……….My question is what is the fair thing to do leave neutral feedback since momma was nice and all that and keep item and try to fix it better or leave negative fb and ask for refund or no feed back and suck it up as a loss and lesson learned.Thanks ladies…………HERES THE PHOTOS.

Front view….you can see how crooked it is and no matter what this is as flat as it lays….you can see how the one leg sorta puckers up.

2 of the holes on outside of waistband

another pic of one of the outside holes

pic of outside hole to show size

3rd hole visible from inside only and loose threads

inside view front (see threads)

inside view back….see threads and crookedness

And this was the photo in the FSOT post.
Now I’m no rocket scientist, but man this is misrepresented!!! How could someone actual sell that to someone with all the holes, loose strings, etc. and not even mention what was happening? So, who’s the bad apple?? debdebdebby13
We’re waiting on an update, but man this mama has balls if she’s sending out FSOT this misrepresented!


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