Stalked for myself and got it, but now buyer’s remorse…
Don’t bother clicking the link, it’s been deleted. (Aww phooey!) Here’s the rundown:
ajane buys WCW longies set, super adorable, $75. Has buyer’s remorse and asks if anyone else wants it. All they gotta do is say yes, invoice is forwarded, life is good… or she just buys it herself and waits to have item in hand then put it on FSOT.
So there’s a back and forth. It’s OK, it’s not OK, can’t post this, can post this, read the TOS, blah blah blah. I guess the big bad mods really don’t like this type of thing, so the thread is deleted.
So, really, what’s the big deal?? I see stalking help requests ALL the time!!! Even though some morons call it stocking… yes, it’s stalking. So, why can’t this momma that’s got an invoice just forward it to someone that wants it? She even said she’d just pay for it herself if no one was interested. I just don’t get it.
  1. Tha Shiz says:

    Is this why she is such a sour puss nowadays?! bitch.

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