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Anyone ever scammed buy a BUYER?

I am a little nervous with one transaction I just made selling some dipes. I normally don’t even sweat selling to a newbie (they gotta start somewhere), but I am a little nervous because she has me shipping the dipes to a completely different state than the paypal addy. She said she paid with her moms account because she was having problems with hers, and she forgot to change the ship to address.It is also a credit card payment, if that makes any difference. She only has 1 post, and seemed very ignorant of what do with my paypal addy when I gave it to her:

how do i pay you? I clicked on your link (my email address) and it pulls up an email to it that i cant send or if i copy and paste it to my browser it wont let me go to it…

So after she said that, I was very surprised to hear she even had a paypal account, much less knew how to use her mother’s.I guess I am worried that I might get charged back on the credit card or something, and I’m not protected by paypal because I am not sending to a confirmed pp address. The transaction is for a lot of money- almost $100.What do you guys think?(If the woman I am speaking of happens to read this- I apologize, and it is nothing personal, I just want to cover my own behind.)
You know, I totally get this. I’m only posting this because it will probably get deleted since the mom outs herself. Anyway, it DOES sound fishy. And with all the crap, I don’t think I would be comfortable doing this either.

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Re: Anyone ever scammed buy a BUYER?

Ok yes Im new to diaper swappers. I also have only ever used paypal a few times in my life. I live in Hawaii and my mother from california is here for the birth of my second child, which is anyday now. The last time i used my paypal account was before I married. My husband is in the navy and we have moved several times since then as well. I am unable to update my paypal account with my married name and new address because I dont remember the phone number we had that goes with the address we lived at when I started the account. I also tried opening a new account and it wouldnt let me because the bank info is the same as my other account. After my child is born Ill call paypal and get them to update it for me so this doesnt happen again. Im really sorry that this has been such a scare for you. I never intended for that to happen. I am ignorant as to how this whole process works but I have to start somewere like you said. Sorry again for the worry.
While this does seem to put you at ease a bit, it’s also still pretty normal for a scammer to try to reassure you of why they can’t do things properly. Someone should teach her how to use paypal.

  1. DS Drama Mama says:

    And we have deletion… not of the thread, but of the “outing.” Ah yes, the smell of DS in the afternoon.

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