Seriously!!! Is it TOO MUCH to ask to get what you ACTUALLY order from a store???? Especially when It takes FOREVER to get here????? I am MAD!!! I’ve waited and WAITED for these wipes…(splurged with some $$ that could have been saved towards Xmas ) only to get RIPPED OFF!

Read this…..…categ ory%3D6

and tell me what you think by ordering from that page what you will get. Double-sided velour wipes, right? WRONG!!! You get ONE side velour and ONE side FLANNEL!!! If I had wanted that I could have gotten them from any number of online stores but hers was the only one I could find that did 2 sided velour. So I paid for and was CHARGED FOR 1 dozen DOUBLE SIDED velour wipes…..and basically got half of what I paid for. I am SO mad.

Thing is…they are BEAUTIFUL wipes. Nice a big and soft….but they were NOT what I ordered. I could see if I got like half of them 1 sided and half double sided (like maybe she ran out and had to substitue-but I still would have expected her to at least email me to ASK if I wanted my money refuded or my order substituted)….but they were all 1 sided velour. Now I wished I had just saved my blasted money and bought some goodmama wipes. I was going back and forth between these and GM wipes….and ended up going with these b/c they were double-sided and that was what I REALLY wanted. Lesson learned….go with your gut instict.

If they will just send me the right ones & let me keep the ones I have…I would say forget a refund. SIGH.

Seriously???? Seriously?? So, I get that she got the wrong order. I get that she thought what she was getting was double-sided velour. What I don’t get is the refund attitude. Now, I’m not defending NBC for sending out the wrong item… but I am defending the WAHMs out there that can’t respond at the drop of a dime, and are human and make mistakes. She didn’t even talk to the WAHM before posting this because, “its the weekend. I won’t hear from them at LEAST til Monday. (not holding my breath though)”

So, the agreed upon solution is for the WAHM to send new ones AND refund the money AND let her keep the other ones? Yep, according to most of the DS responders. What a crock! There were, however, a few that pointed out said ridiculousness THANKFULLY.

What is wrong with people?

  1. Kalley says:

    Someone from the admin here needs to contact me about student08, theres some vital info about her!!!!!
    If i dont respond to your email, chances are i havent gotten it so try again.

  2. DS Drama Mama says:

    Hi, please feel free to post it here. I will get it as a moderated comment. Thanks.

  3. jen says:

    For the record….it would be nice to get your facts straight first before totally pissing about my origianl post.
    I NEVER said I wanted a refund AND my original order AND the wrong wipes that were sent. I wanted a refund. EITHER a refund, OR the correct order would have been nice. And for your INFORMATION, it took her over THREE WEEKS to even contact me!!! That is just plain BAD customer service. Not to mention it took over 2 wks for the initial WRONG order to arrive. This was BEFORE the holidays, so there really wasn’t a PO excuse. To have a wrong or righted it should NOT take 8 wks to straighten out! Again, BAD customer service.
    So please, get your facts straight next time before bytching someone out.

  4. DS Drama Mama says:

    Jen, sorry if my comments were not clear. I actually was NOT referring to you as wanting the refund, the wipes, and the correct wipes. I posted what YOU requested (the wrong wipes, and the correct order). And, the consensus of many of the posters was that you deserved that AND the refund. Thank you for posting.

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