Pam221 posted about getting screwed. Here’s her story.

Bummer , its happened to me too and the seller is STILL on here even tho I’ve contacted a mod about it ….She just started using a different paypal acct and I even caught her by making another DS acct and saying I wanted to buy something from her …Karmas a ***** though I guess . Boy I wish we were allowed to out people cause it really gets me fired up when shes online buying stuff when she didnt give me my money

It only took a short trip to Pam’s feedback to see it was mommabug42006. She hasn’t scammed anyone else since then, but who’s to say she won’t and just create a new paypal account?

  1. mommabug42006 says:

    Ummm. that all went down during a hurricane here. The package was shipped and must have been lost . I filed all the the paperwork with the PO, but since there was no insurance on it we were SOL. I refunded her half of the money and offered her other diapers. She never contacted me back….

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